Are you looking for a good content or to repurpose/renew content?  Have the ideas but not the time?  Looking to hire someone to produce quality content with high standards of proficiency and precision?  VirtuEze is right for you.  The standards you hold yourself to we meet or exceed you with. VirtuEze will produce high quality content with great results.  We give you confidence in our skills so you can focus on your clients, products, or services.

What VirtuEze Can Do (not all inclusive):

  • Produce press release drafts/finals
  • Create written content for blogs, websites, articles, posts, reports, proposals, etc.
  • Quote development
  • Resume writing/redevelopment
  • Drafting letters
  • Classified ad writing
  • Email content
  • Business plans
  • Product reviews
  • Technical writings
  • manuals
  • handbooks
  • policies
  • job aides/user guides
  • Article creation/transcription for audios
  • Grant/proposal writing assistance
  • Newsletter writing
  • Special reports

VirtuEze will:

  • Thorough research on topic, market, and competitor related writing and keyword report
  • 2- forty-five (45) minute brainstorming sessions
  • Provide drafts of content for reviews at 35%, 50%, 80% and 100% or as preferred by the client.
  • Unlimited edits within allotted packaged hours obtained by client.


You are in your final stages of your document or digital asset, but you want to get another set of fresh eyes on it to make sure it is spot on ready.  VirtuEze can proofread and edit your written materials that can include, but not be limited to, books/eBooks, academic writing, reports, brochures, websites, manuscripts, blogs, and much more.

What VirtuEze Can Do (not all inclusive):

  • Identify, proof, and edit layout errors, formatting, fonts, spacing, typos, footnotes, citations
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency of spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Edit content without changing purpose and meaning
  • Ensure smoothness of syntax
  • Suggest text changes
  • Edits completed with various programs such as Microsoft suite, Adobe, Google Suites, Microsoft 365, etc.
  • Check for proper headings and paragraph breaks

VirtuEze will:

  • Provide an edit document with original document/content
  • Provide suggestions within edit document closure for areas/links to assist in future content developments
  • Establish turnaround time with client to include 2 review sessions prior to final submission

Edited material returned to client in an electronic compressed zip file format of client choosing

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