Remember the days when you could keep paper files in cabinets stored away in alphabetical order.  Well, in today’s world, that would be much of the comparison to the stone age where dinosaurs used to roam the earth.   Everyday our evolving world is rapidly becoming more dependent on technology in this digital age.  Who has time to collect, track, log, enter, and create the data that is so tedious in our business anymore.  VirtuEze is your answer!  We make the time to do these revolving tasks while you focus on the day to day operations of your business or personal life.

What VirtuEze Can Do (not all inclusive):

  • Data collection/sorting/preparations
  • Check all data for accuracy
  • Data purging
  • Keep records of all activities and tasks performed
  • Inventory management
  • Back-up data files
  • Data Formatting/Presentation
  • Enter data into database created in excel, word, or other readily available database/CRM provided by client
  • Update/maintain existing database
  • Data conversion
  • Mail merging
  • Mailing lists/mass mailings
  • Processing forms
  • Imagery Data Entry

VirtuEze will:

  • Provide a record of work completion
  • Provide suggestions/solutions to assist with improvements


It’s important for any business to stay on top of all their transactions.  Accounts payable and receivable can be painstakingly consuming for a business that is trying to focus on running their business.  Letting transaction activity fall to the wayside can be extremely harmful to a business.  VirtuEze greatly understands this and wants to ensure that your business can stay ahead of this encumbrance task.

What VirtuEze Can Do/Provide (not all inclusive):

  • Generate invoices
  • Follow up on non-payments
  • Assist in bill payment
  • Issue refunds accordingly
  • Record employee payments
  • Record contractor payments
  • Reconcile credit card and bank statements
  • Processes expense claims with client preferred method/system
  • Perform data entry
  • Assist with creation/entry of Purchase Orders into accounting software;
  • Work with purchasing to resolve invoice discrepancies
  • Compute and record numerical data
  • Maintain financial data in client preferred software
  • Follow-up with prospects on issued quotes
  • Provide friendly but firm letter, email or reminder calls to late paying customers


As a business grows so can the payroll.  It is pertinent that payroll be well organized regardless of the business size.  Process payroll can also be very time consuming and operationally hindering.  VirtuEze can save you the trouble and stress of this associated task.

What VirtuEze Can Do/Provide (not all inclusive):

  • maintaining payroll record in clients preferred system
  • process payroll within the timekeeping system
  • ensure paychecks are issued electronically or mailed timely
  • troubleshoot reporting errors
  • coordinate with client regarding payroll policies and procedures
  • prepare & update payroll reports/records
  • complete set-ups of new or removal of departed staff in payroll system
  • conduct audits


Daily life can sometimes take over and we forget to take care of certain things or simply don’t have time.  VirtuEze can pick up where you need assistance, making work-life balance a little easier.

What VirtuEze Can Do/Provide (not all inclusive):

  • Research gifts, products, or services for online sourcing
  • Purchase online items or services
  • Book appointments
  • Respond to call forwards
  • Request refunds
  • Set up returns
  • Book venues
  • And more
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