Human Resource Services


Providing clarity of job expectations to your workforce is critical to maintaining a highly productive workforce. VirtuEze can provide clear, fresh expert assessment and design of current and/or proposed position descriptions, equitable distribution of tasks, and development of implementation strategies. We can help you develop position descriptions for clarity of up to 90% or more of job duties and expectations. VirtuEze will work with any small business, entrepreneur, or enterprise on a project-base, short-term, recurring or long-term project assignment.

What VirtuEze Can Do (not all-inclusive):

  • Create complete and compliant position descriptions
  • Position reformulation and redescription
  • Develop or enhance position description libraries
  • Develop evaluation statements
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Implementation strategies

VirtuEze will:

  • Provide drafts of content for reviews at 50%, 90% and 100% or as preferred by the client.
  • Unlimited edits within allotted packaged hours obtained by client.
  • Provide final files in a compressed zip file format of your choosing (i.e. PDF, Word, etc.).


As your business grows or things within and around your business change, the need to restructure your operations may become more apparent.  With restructuring, you may need to implement succession planning.  You may find it necessary to change your priorities of operations, initiate new programs, establish or reevaluate organizational goals, redefine programmatic needs, create effective workforce communications, or provide for an enhancement to organizational effectiveness.  You may even have to address budget reductions that will affect the current staffing, and plan for the future with a succession plan.  All this requires adequate preparation and planning.  But do you question if you have the right skillset or adequate time to do this to accomplish this?

VirtuEze can develop or assist and/or refine your ideas for an existing company structure or startup needs. We assist you in defining your initial and continuing staffing and management structures to include incremental phasing.  So, do you need to restructure or have a succession plan in place? VirtuEze is here to help invest in your human capital for short-term wins and long-term success.

What VirtuEze Can Do (not all inclusive):

  • Analysis of current workforce
  • Assistance with developing guidance for restructuring your business
  • Address workforce environmental concerns/impacts
  • Workforce Forecasting
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership succession planning
  • Talent Acquisition Assessments
  • Design new approaches to program, policy, and service delivery
  • Workforce Transition Assistance
  • Recommend improvements to client brand
  • Provide insight or suggestions to implementing current labor requirements and regulations
  • Establish or participate in online job fairs/career events

VirtuEze will:

  • Provide in-depth reports and recommendations
  • Provide guidance and advisory services for organizational restructuring
  • Work one-on-one with client to establish milestones
  • Provide final files in a compressed zip file or file of preference by the client.


You want your business to be high performing.  To successfully execute this, you need the best people in the right positions.  Talent demands continue to be high as many organizations are competing in a limited pool of highly skilled candidates.  The recruitment process can sap a lot of your time and energy, especially at the early stages.  Wouldn’t it be great if someone else could advertise, receive and sift through all those applications and CVs so you only had to interview the best candidates?  VirtuEze provides quality recruitment and staffing management services.

What VirtuEze Can Do (not all inclusive):

  • Evaluate resumes, applications, and cover letters
  • Conduct interviews using various interview methods such as structural, competency, and behavioral based
  • Shortlist candidates by developing and working with well-defined criteria to make referrals of top candidates
  • Organize and carry out first stage telephone screening interviews
  • Track recruiting metrics
  • Provide interview results via matrix scoring system
  • Organize and structure next stage interviews
  • Prepare and provide correspondence to candidates at various stages of the process
  • Follow-up on references
  • Implement/suggest new sourcing methods
  • Research, suggest, choose best job advertising vehicles/options
  • Advise hiring managers on interview techniques
  • Employ recruitment methods to attract candidates
  • Facilitate or finalize agreements between candidates and client
  • Design (or revise current) and implement recruiting strategies
  • Consult on staffing requirements and specific position objectives
  • Post opportunities on career websites, newspapers, and university, technical, vocational boards
  • Source candidates on various databases and social media
  • Develop or revise current recruiting tools for assessing candidates

VirtuEze will:

  • Provide referral report with insights of the suggested top candidates
  • Provide report on shortfall of non-referred candidates
  • Provide final files in a compressed zip file or file of preference by the client.
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